Luggage: How much luggage can I bring and do I have to pay?

Luggage rules are not easy to neither explain nor understand. Unfortunately no carriers follow the same rules, but when you book your trip online it will be stated in the booking flow how much luggage that is included, and if you book with one of our specialists, then they will let you know. Furthermore it is not guaranteed that you have the same luggage allowance both ways, so please keep an eye on the specific flights.

Be aware of maximum allowance, dimensions and weight for for checked-in luggage apply, which means your luggage cannot be of any size - for instance you cannot bring a flag pole even though it weighs less than the allowed kg's. If you want to bring more than the allowed pieces or weight you can pay for excess luggage.

What if I need to bring more luggage than I am allowed?
There are no fixed prices for bringing more luggage than the allowance on your ticket. Some airlines charge a fixed price and others charge a percentage of the normal one-way fare. You should always check the relevant airline(s) for exact prices and rules. Most airlines have information about extra luggage available on their website. If you have a lot of extra luggage you should investigate if it's cheaper to send it as cargo instead."


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