My name on the ticket

The name on my ticket is wrong - what do I do?
You will have to contact KILROY immediately if your name is not spelled correct on your e-ticket. But please note, a change of name is considered a cancellation by the airlines since a ticket purchase is considered "final" once the e-ticket has been purchased. This means that in many cases you cannot change the name or get a refund and thus in worst case you will have to buy a new ticket.

If your name has been slightly misspelled (typo error) you should contact KILROY and we will do everything we can to get this corrected (a fee will be charged).

Why is the name on my e-ticket not written in full?
Due to airline system limitations, an e-ticket can only contain a certain number of characters. Consequently we will sometimes have to shorten your name to fit these limitations. Your full name including middle name(s) is still registered in the reservation and will be passed on to both airlines and official authorities like immigration, if required.

Can I transfer or hand over my trip or travel products to someone else?
As a general rule all purchases are personal and cannot be passed on to other individuals. This is particular true for flight tickets, which can never be transferred to other individuals.

Sometimes other products like hotel reservations, car rental and tours may be transferred to someone else against a fee.

Always contact KILROY for exact rules and conditions.


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