Meals onboard: Is food served during the flight and do I have to pay?

As a general rule you will have to pay for food and drinks on all regional flights such as within Europe and on domestic routes. In most cases food and some drinks are free on long haul international flights, but as airlines see this as a big potential for revenue more and more airlines have started to charge for both food and drinks. If you are in doubt please check with the airlines for your relevant flight(s).

If you need special food (for instance vegetarian, diabetes or 'religious' meals) you can get KILROY to request this for you if you bought your flight ticket online and purchased a Priority Package. Use our Online Contact Form. If you bought your flight ticket from one of our travel consultants please contact the shop.

Be aware that we can only request your special meal with the airline but we can never guarantee that your wish will be granted. Also note that meals are not served on all flights and some airlines will charge for special meals.

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