Should I travel on my own or join a group tour?

It all depends on the nature of your trip. Some prefer the one to the other which makes it a wonderful world to live in!
Be aware that the tours sold by KILROY are not the kinds where you travel with a big group of people walking behind a guide with an umbrella. On our tours you travel with young people - or young at heart - from all over the world and we go to places off of the beaten track to give you a chance to see things the ""other travellers"" does not get to see.
So, there is actually nothing to be worried about even though you are an experienced traveller and are used to doing it all by yourself - it is very often a win-win situation to join a group!

Why is travelling in a group an advantage?
Because you concentrate on enjoying and experiencing and not on finding means of transportation, a place to stay, things to see and do, somewhere to eat, people to meet and seek information about the places you visit.
You also get the chance to meet fellow travellers from all over the world and thus have a good chance to make friends with whom you can meet up with in your travels or later in life.
On all tours there will also be plenty of time on your own, so you will still be able to do the things you like and not be stuck with the group 24/7.

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