Passports, what should i be aware of?

It is your own responsibility to check that all travelers in your booking have all required visas and travel permits as well as valid passports for the required period by the countries you visit. Many countries require that passports be valid for 6 months after you leave the country. If your passport is set to expire before your departure date or while you are traveling, it is your responsibility to renew your passport to ensure you do not run into any issues.  

Sometimes, your passport information is needed when completing a booking or applying for a visa. It is best practice to ensure your passport is up to date and not set to expire before you complete any bookings. If you complete a booking with an outdated passport and then receive a new passport before departure, there is a chance that changes with your document numbers may result in issues with you booking or visa (when you receive a new passport, the passport number is different). Of course, in some cases (i.e. visas) you may be able to bring your old passport or travel documents. If you are concerned, you should consult with one of our Travel Advisors or with the respective government agency in your destination.  

Every country has it’s own unique passport requirements. You should always check with the embassy of the countries you wish to visit what the requirements are. For instance, it is required to have a travel insurance to enter Cuba, and if you live at a farm or have visited a farm recently there might be special issues you will have to consider when visiting some countries, such as Australia

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