How does Myclimate differ from other offsetting organizations?

Myclimate is one of the forerunners in voluntary carbon offsetting and a trusted partner for corporate clients as well as for institutions like the UN Gold Standard, German Environment Agency (UBA) and Swiss Federal Office for the environment.  

The foundation has a track record of more than 17 years of experience and with a portfolio of more than 100 projects worldwide in over 30 countries and is not allowed to make a profit. The goal is simply to enable as much climate protection on a global and on a local level as possible.  

Although the foundation's roots are in carbon offsetting, it also offers programs and products that aim to fully avoid CO emissions or to reduce the existing CO footprints. myclimate values carbon offsetting as a bridging technology and as a proven tool for climate protection. 

All of the achievements in the foundation's projects, the annual financial figures, and its cash flow are transparently published on and are constantly reviewed by several independent organizations like KPMG, SGS and the "Eidgenössische Stiftungsaufsicht" (Swiss foundations controlling authority). 

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