Information about payment – new two-factor authentication

After the first of January 2021, the rules for payment services have been changed to make it more secure to pay by card online using a two-step authentication process, which has been implemented in all EU countries as part of the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Two-factor authentication is a security measure that significantly improves your security when paying online. 

For KILROY customers this means that you may be asked to authenticate your payment using two different factors when paying online. How the authentication experience will look and feel will be individual for each customer, as it depends on the two step authentication provider chosen by their respective bank. 

According to the new directive, three groups of factors are used for authentication. These are: 

  • Knowledge (e.g. password), 
  • Possession (e.g. a smartphone, a one-time password) and 
  • Inherence (e.g. fingerprint) 
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