Information on traveling with an infant.

When traveling with an infant (a baby under 2 years old) you should note that the infant will not get a seat of their own and that you will have to sit with the infant on your lap during the flight. In some cases, you can request a basket or bassinette for the infant to lay in during the flight. Usually, a basket is available for infants up to 6 months. There is only a limited number of baskets on each flight so remember to request it right after the booking is made.  

If you bought your flight ticket online and purchased our Priority Package all you have to do is inform us that you would like to request a basket/bassinette and/or baby meal using our Online Contact Form. If you bought your flight ticket from one of our travel consultants in a large or via telephone or email/chat, please contact the travel store where you bought your ticket.  

If you didn't buy the Priority Package you can do so by contacting us using the Online Contact Form. 


Be aware that we can only request a basket with the airline. We are not able to guarantee that a basket will be granted. 


Remember, in most cases, an infant needs his own passport. 


Booking a flight for an infant who is not born yet: 

If you need to book a flight for an infant who is not yet born, this is possible. You have two options: 

  • If the full name of the infant has already been decided before birth, you can go ahead and order the ticket with that name. 
  • If the name has not yet been decided, the infant can be added to the booking at a later date. Book the ticket as usual for those traveling, except for the infant. Once the infant has gotten its name, please contact our Customer Support, who will assist you. 

Please note that an infant ticket has a price and there is a fee for KILROY as well, as the infant will be added manually into your booking. 

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