How early should I go to the airport before my flight?

Always give yourself plenty of time, especially if you are navigating a new airport. In the case of airports, it's always better to be there 1 hour early than 5 minutes late! Remember, the departure time outlined on your boarding pass is the time the plane is supposed to depart, most airlines board passengers 1 hour to 20 minutes before the plane is set to depart.   

You can check official check-in rules directly on the airline or airport website. Be aware of unexpected delays such as traffic, long check-in lines or security ques. If you are checking luggage, we recommend you give yourself some additional time.  

In general, it's recommended that you arrive at the airport  

  • 2 hours before regional flights (within Europe or your destination country)  
  • 3 hours for all other flights 

We recommend you do your check-in online or use the check-in kiosks and if possible, and the baggage drop counters. Note, some airports will not offer these services.  

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