Is food served during the flight or do I have to pay?

Meal inclusions vary depending on the airline and the ticket purchased. As a general rule, you can expect to have to pay for food and drinks on short haul, regional and domestic flights. On long haul, international flights, meals, snacks, and drinks are usually included, but not always. If in doubt, you can check directly with the airline however, this is usually outlined during the booking process.  


If you have dietary requirements or allergies (I.e. nut allergies) that need to be met for inflight meals, (for example vegetarian, vegan, medical or religious diets) you can make a request directly to KILROY if you bought a flight ticket online. Use our Online Contact Form. If you bought your flight ticket from one of our travel consultants, please contact your consultant directly. 


Be aware that we can only request your special meal with the airline, but we can never guarantee that your wish will be granted. Note that meals are not served on all flights and some airlines have additional costs for special meals. 

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