What is “Online Check-in”?

Most airlines offer you the opportunity to check in directly on their website. During this process you can usually choose seating, in-flight meals and arrange other services. This can normally be done 24-48 hours before a departure but can vary from airline to airline. You can usually find information for your flights check in period directly on the airline's website. In nice cases, airlines may require check in at the airport counter. This is usually the case if you are unable to complete check-in online. If this happens, we recommend giving yourself ample time to complete this process in person at the airport.  


It is always recommended that you try to check using the airline's online check-in options when available. If you do not check in online and wait until the airport, you may not be seated together with your travel companion(s). 


To complete the check in process you need to go to the airline's website and use your reservation code or confirmation code provided by KILROY. This 6-digit code can be found in the confirm email you receive after purchase by email.  


Note that the 'operating airline' might be different than the 'marketed airline' in which case you should go to the 'operating airline' for online check-in. You should also note that the 'reference' sometimes required by the airline is not your 'KILROY reference' but the airline reference which can be found under the 'travel details' section in your confirmation email.  

Need help finding where to check in? Try our chat bot. 

  1. Click on the chat bot found in the bottom right-hand side of the screen.  
  2. Click "Prepare my trip" 
  3. Click "Check in" 
  4. Click "Get my boarding pass" 
  5. Enter the name of your airline 
  6. Follow the link provided to complete check in directly on the airline's website 
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