Can I use only a part of my flight ticket?

In general, you will have to use all flight segments in your ticket in the order you booked them. You are not forced to use the return portion of your ticket if you decide not to go home, but you are not allowed only to use the return flight and skip the departure flight. In cases where you do not use the departure ticket, the remaining (return) part of the ticket will be lost. 


The same applies to tickets with stop-overs - you must fly all portions of the ticket and cannot start the journey in the middle of the route. For example, if you have a ticket New York - Los Angeles - Bangkok, you are not allowed to start the journey in Los Angeles, you have to start in New York. If you miss one of the flights in your booking, all remaining flights will be voided. 

For further clarification on this, please contact us directly about your specific case. 

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