What if I need to bring more luggage than I am allowed?

There are no fixed prices for bringing more luggage than the allowance, each airline has their own unique rules. Some airlines charge a fixed price and others charge a percentage of the normal one-way danger. You should always check the relevant airline for exact prices and rules. Most airlines have information about extra luggage available on their website. If you have a lot of extra luggage, you should investigate if it's cheaper to send it as cargo instead. 

Need assistance requesting luggage on your flight? 

  1. Click on the chat bot found in the bottom right-hand side of the screen.  
  2. Click "Prepare my trip" 
  3. Click "Flight info" 
  4. Indicate whether your flight departs within 3 days so we can prioritize your request 
  5. Click "Modify my booking" 
  6. Click "Add extra" 
  7. Click "Add extra bag" 
  8. Enter your 6-digit KILROY reservation code 
  9. Enter your last name 
  10. Complete request 
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