Can I change the name on my ticket?

A complete change of name is considered a cancellation by the airlines which in many cases mean you cannot change the name or get a refund.

If your name has been slightly misspelled (typo error) you should contact KILROY and we will do everything we can to get this corrected (a fee will be charged).

Please note that a change of name is only possible if permitted by the airlines since a ticket purchase is considered 'final' once the e-ticket has been paid.


Can I hand my trip or products over to somebody else?

As a general rule all purchases are personal and cannot be passed on to other people.
This is definitely true for flight tickets which can never be transferred to others.
But sometimes other products like hotels, car rentals and tours may be handed over to somebody else against a fee. Travel insurances can be refunded and sometimes this is also the case for luggage insurances.

Always contact KILROY for exact rules and conditions.

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