How much does it cost to study abroad?

Listing one single price for studying abroad is impossible. The price varies greatly whether you wish to study one semester as a Study Abroad student in Marketing or if you wish to study a Master’s Degree in Medicine. Tuition fees and living cost varies depending on country, university, field of study and level of study – if you contact us and tell us about your dreams, we will be happy to send you a budget of your expenses and expected income while studying abroad. It is important to note that students from some countries have the possibility to bring student funding abroad, apply for scholarships and private scholarships, and apply for a student job while studying abroad – all of this can help you finance your studies abroad. Some students may be surprised that studying abroad is cheaper than studying in one’s home country.

In any case, studying abroad is a personal investment, and international experience is greatly valued by recruiters within all fields.

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