What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket (electronic ticket) is a non-physical ticket required by the airlines to allow passengers to fly. The e-tickets are issued by either a travel agency or an airline when a booking has been confirmed and paid.

Note that your e-mail trip confirmation is not your e-ticket and you should always make sure that the e-ticket has been issued by checking your online itinerary at www.tripcase.com.


What if I lose or forget to bring a print of my e-ticket?

No problem - you will be registered in the airline's system and you do not need to show any proof of your ticket but only a personal id like your passport. Bringing a print of your e-ticket is for your own convenience.

You should be aware though that some airports will not let you in unless you can document you actually have a flight to catch as they do not want the airport to be full of hustlers and criminals. In those cases it's always recommended to have a print or some other way to document that you actually are flying out so you don't have to argue with security or to contact the airline.

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